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Come work for us

Come work for us

Joining Deacons (East Africa) PLC, means so much more than working for one of the Region’s largest retailer. We’ve built our business on a passion for fashion (We make you Look and Feel Good), a flexible approach in all that we do and by collaborating with one another to put customers first.

The size and scope of our business means that the opportunities on offer are as diverse as the people that work here. If you’re ready to play your part, you’ll be richly rewarded; there really is something for everyone.

We have a diverse range of employees and are committed to an active Equal Employment Policy. This doesn’t just cover our recruitment and selection procedures, but runs right through learning and development, appraisal, promotion opportunities and eventually to retirement.

We promote an environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation and work hard to ensure everyone is offered equality of opportunity to achieve their full potential. All the decisions we make relating to employment practices are objective, free from bias and based solely upon work criteria and individual merit.

Not only are we responsive to the needs of our employees and customers but we also take pride in the role we play in the community at large. Because of this we value diversity very highly and it’s important to us that we recognise and make full use of the wealth of talent we have within our organisation.

We place a lot of emphasis on developing initiatives and procedures that ensure equality of opportunity for every member of Deacons (East Africa) PLC.

Our Policies:

  • Promote a working environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the basis of;
    • gender, sex, race, ethnicity or religion, disability and age
  • Ensure that our workers are not disadvantaged in any aspect of our employment policies or working practices.
  • Ensure that all decisions relating to employment practices are objective, free from bias, and based solely on work criteria and individual merit. In every set of circumstances we aim to find a solution which takes account of an individual’s personal circumstances and the needs of the business.
  • Employ a workforce that reflects the diverse community we serve and maximises personal and commercial opportunities.
  • Raise staff awareness by designing and delivering training programmes that support the Equal Opportunities aims.
  • Comply with the law and communicate to our stakeholders the responsibility to protect both individuals and the company.

Core Values:

  • Professionalism
  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Agility & Fun

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